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Template ruler - Long Tumbler Template

Template ruler - Long Tumbler Template

Matilda's Own

Long Tumbler Template goes from 1/2" to 11" long tumbler block. Has an 8 degree angled wedge shape.


  • The markings on this ruler have been laser cut into 3mm thick acrylic. These digitally etched markings are the most precise and accurate markings you can find and will not fade over time. It allows you to square up or cut any materials you need to fit your requirements with complete confidence.
  • The convenience of this ruler is fantastic due to its fluoro green colour and bright markings. You can confidently use this ruler with both dark and light materials and still be able to easily see the markings.
  • This ruler is made of durable and strong, high quality material. You can be assured the markings on this ruler will not fade. 
  • This ruler is a product of Australia and made by Matilda's Own, a popular brand among Australian quilters.

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